How to fill your site with sparkling content

It’s all very well putting new property on your website, but what Google really wants is regularly updated and useful content that goes above and beyond the regular day-to-day estate agency stuff.

The fastest and easiest way to do this is with your own thoughts and experiences. Your thoughts on whats happening in the national property market (a quick comment on interest rates, latest legislation, property news, whatever) along with some more local insights about what’s hot and what’s not – are there particular streets or buildings that are currently in vogue? Is there some development or regeneration that’s going to impact the neighbourhood? Are there new kinds of shops on the high street that signify a change?

I’m not talking about blogs, I’m talking about news. One article of 100-150 words per week (that’s really not a lot) would see your site updated with exactly the type of content Google, Yahoo and Bing want to drive your search results higher.

Find an excuse to write something. Or ask me to!

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