How essential is it for estate agents to blog?
If you want to make sure you appear towards the top of online searches for estate agents made by local homeowners, you need to make sure your website is regularly updated with useful content. A blog is an estate agent’s most powerful marketing tool for this.

What if my estate agent doesn’t have a blog set up?
Get in touch with your web developer and ask them to add a blog section to your website. It’s a fairly straightforward task.

How do I receive my blog articles?
They are sent by email as an attachment in .docx format for Microsoft Word. All you need to do is paste the text into the content management system of your website.

Why don’t I get all the articles straight away?
To ensure that all the blogs are time relevant, they are freshly written each month. You are not buying a package of old library articles that are regurgitated every year. You get brand new content, every single month.

Why is full payment made upfront?
Mainly to reduce administration. With just one invoice (rather than 12) it cuts down on the work for everyone. No-one forgets to send an invoice, no-one forgets to pass one to accounts and no-one forgets to pay. It also means that your postcodes and neighbourhoods can be ring-fenced for the entire length of your subscription.

How are the blogs tailored to my estate agency?
The bespoke articles are created uniquely for your estate agency to cover stories about you. The library articles are written to allow the inclusion of your company name and the neighbourhoods and postcodes you operate in.

Are my bespoke blogs optimised for Search Engine Optimisation?
Yes. They include the keywords, phrases and, most importantly, the content, that people use when searching online for estate agents, property advice, home improvements and more. It’s not longer enough to simply use keywords, you now need to facilitate user intent!

What difference does that make to my search rankings?
Search engines like Google and Bing look for websites that are regularly updated with UNIQUE CONTENT (like bespoke blogs) when returning results to searches online. This is what is meant by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): the level to which your website contains the relevant content that matches what people are searching for.

How soon will the search engine notice my new articles?
Google and Bing should notice changes quite soon after you begin posting blogs to your estate agency website, sometimes within a few hours but certainly within a few days.

Can I make changes to any of the articles supplied?
The articles are designed to be posted just as they are, but you are free to edit them. Once you have received the word document you can make any changes you wish, although remember to double check any of your amendments for spelling and grammar errors.

Does The Blog Room need to be credited on my website?
No. The idea is for the articles to appear on your estate agent’s website as though they were written by someone in your office.

Can I buy a cheaper plan?
You should be blogging at least every two weeks to show Google, Bing and potential clients that you are committed. However, if you really want to blog less, you could buy a pack of individual bespoke articles and commission them when you want them.

Can I blog more than weekly?
For most estate agencies, a blog once every week is the most they need to post. However, if there is something special or particular you’d like to say, you always have the option to have a blog specially commissioned. If the question is “can I blog too much”, the answer is “no”, so long as what you’re posting is valuable.

How do I commission an extra bespoke blog to be written solely for my estate agent?
Easy! Simply get in touch and explain what you would like to write about. Once payment is made, bespoke blog articles are generally despatched inside 72 hours.

Do you provide any other services to estate agents?
Yes. I help estate agents with copywriting, marketing and business development. You can be read all about it at

Will any of my competitors have access to your articles?
No. Once you have bought a package, the postcodes and neighbourhoods you cover are ring-fenced for your estate agency for the entire length of your subscription.

How do I ring-fence my patch?
Simply include the postcodes and neighbourhoods in your catchment area with your order request and I’ll confirm that they are available and have been reserved for you.

Can I cancel my subscription after it has started?
Yes. Every plan comes with a full money back guarantee. If you feel at any point that the service is not beneficial to your estate agency, simply delete the blogs to receive a full refund. You can read more about the money back guarantee here.