My name is Paul Travers and I’ve been selling and writing about property for well over 30 years. The first 25 were lived and loved in estate agency, then I switched in 2011 to help independent estate agents grow their success.

One of the biggest frustrations for estate agents is getting more instructions. Flyers deliver consistently low responses and usually end up unnoticed, undelivered or simply thrown away. The problem is that nobody is looking forward to receiving one. So how do you reach people?

When I switched to helping agents grow their business, I struggled to find new clients beyond the agents I already knew. I had a great-looking website showing off my work, but my phone never rang and I couldn’t figure it out. Then, one day, someone told me to start a blog.

After initially dismissing them as mad, I began writing regular posts and the results completely blew me away. The phone started ringing and blogs are now my biggest source of enquiries.

So I speak from experience when I say your blog is simply the best way to draw new clients to your website.

If only you had someone to write it…

The problem

Your time, and your money. You’re busy, you don’t have an endless marketing budget, and you’re not sure what to write about anyway. So you file the job for another day; one that never comes. And so your blog lies dormant or doesn’t even exist.

The solution

Imagine never having to think about writing a blog again. What if one simply arrived in your email each Monday? A cost-effective and regular feed of articles targeting local homeowners and ready to post, share and tweet: how’s that for good?



Standing out from the crowd as the estate agent of choice makes everything possible: the clients you want, with the instructions you want, at the fees you want. There is no downside.

And from what I can see, the field is wide open:

Estate agents currently operating across the UK.
+/- 5 %
Appear to maintain a blog that is genuinely useful.
Seemingly don't have the time or have nothing to say.